Our Board

Our board is made up of nine board members who are listed below. 

Andrew Smith - CEO/Headteacher Lyons Hall/Executive Head
John O’Shea - Retail Business Manager
Rachel Pritchard - Deputy Headteacher Lyons Hall
Gavin Bradley - Headteacher Whitehall Primary
Simon Pratt-Adams - Faculty of Health, Social and Education ARU
Joanne Olley - Accountant
Nick Ridley - Business Manager
Christopher Smith - Local Authority
Alison Fiala - Local Authority
Lorraine Laudrum - Headteacher Braiswick
Paul Lincoln - Educational Consultant
Steve Whitfield - Senior Educational Psychologist

If you would like to contact any board member please do so using our email or address here.

The Register of Business Interests for Learning Pathways Academy Trust is avaiable here

Articles of Association for Learning Pathways Academy Trust

LPAT Scheme of Delegation

If you would like to view the The Academy Trust Board Terms of Reference or the Guidance for Local Governing Bodies please press these links accordingly.

If you would like to view the Flexible Working Policy please press the link.

If you would like to view the LPAT Privacy Notice please press the link.


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Learning Pathways Academy 16/17 Financial Statements

Year End Accounts 2015/2016

Learning Pathway Academy 1415 FinStat

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Value for Money Statement 2014

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Master Funding Agreement


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