Our Ethos

The values of the Learning Pathways Trust are fundamental to the Learning Community and as such, will be the main driver for any Academy in the Trust.

Learning Pathways Trust Vision

We want all children in Schools to be ....

  • Happy
  • Healthy
  • Learners for Life
  • Able to Make Choices
  • Confident
  • Contributing to Society

Through a focus for learning on .....

  • Emotional Wellbeing
  • Personal, Social and Learning Skills
  • Basic Skills (literate, numerate and global knowledge)
  • Personal interests beyond the curriculumn
  • Aspirsations and possibilities
  • Values

With measurable outcomes .......

  • SATS
  • Achieving and exceeding National expectations
  • In depth pursuit of interests and passions
  • Attendance

Incorporated into the values of the Academy Trust are the values of the Lyons Hall Teaching School Alliance.

The Trust will provide:

  • Excellence in standards for all members of the Academy Community pursued with courage and relentless commitment.
  • Collaboration at every level between individuals, teams and academies.
  • Outstanding leadership at all levels; valuing and nurturing the contribution of every member of the Academy community and planning for succession.
  • Outstanding continuous professional development at all levels.
  • An outward looking culture – searching for even better answers and innovating with courage.

The Trust will:

  • Value the unique identity of each member of the Trust community.
  • Underpin all of the above with a strong moral purpose.

The Academies within the trust will provide:

Successful and aspirational learning.

  • Learning provision that actively engages all pupils and offers a sense of fulfilment, enjoyment and challenge.
  • Personalised learning that gives enjoyable opportunities for creativity and problem solving.
  • Active learning in which there are rich opportunities for learning outside the classroom.
  • A resource rich environment that reflects the needs of the pupils and adults.
  • Pupil involvement in learning with a strong focus on learning to learn and responsiveness to different learning styles.
  • High expectations for learning and behaviour which are manifest in a strong ethos of mutual respect from and for all members of the school and wider community.

A curriculum that is responsive to a changing world.

  • A strong focus on the individual and SEAL which is embedded in the curriculum.
  • An ICT rich, real and virtual environment with a strategic approach to the development of aspirations.
  • A positive, physical and emotional learning environment which is safe and nurturing.

A supportive environment in which children are open to new experiences and feel able to take risks and celebrate mistakes as learning opportunities.

  • Support for all members of the community in the continuing skills for life development in order to make a positive contribution locally.
  • A highly inclusive environment where every member of the school community is able to access learning and support.
  • A focus for sustained extended school services and multi-agency support all to support groups to achieve their potential.
  • A strong collaborative ethos within and between the staff, pupils and the wider community which manifests itself in team work, partnerships and learning with and from each other.



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